New Vehicle Detailing

Pre-Owned Vehicle Detailing​

  • Degrease and clean engine and under hood area.

  • Scrub wheel wells, tires and rims.

  • Pretreat any bugs and road grime.

  • Pretreat door jams.

  • Scrub and rinse all bugs, road grime and jams.

  • Hand wash & Dry.

  • Mud Bar Application.

  • Compound, polish and Wax.

  • Scrub all surfaces of interior - center console, dash, vents, instrument cluster, doors, pillars, pockets etc.

  • Pretreat, scrub and shampoo all fabrics as needed- seats, carpets, mats and trunk area.

  • Hand clean all leather.

  • Condition all interior and exterior plastics and leather.

  • Dress tires.

  • Clean and polish windows.

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Polish & Wax