Perfect Car offers dealerships a flexible and affordable

end-to-end vehicle preparation solution.


At PERFECT CAR we work with our clients to offer a variety of services to fit their specific needs. All of the services provided can be made to suit a range, from one single vehicle to several vehicles including an entire lot!


Why use PERFECT CAR as a third party

detailing service at your dealership?

It eliminates the need for owners and managers of car dealerships to have and supervise

a detailing department, allowing them to focus on all other aspects of the vehicles.


Decrease Cost of Maintenance

One of the many benefits of outsourcing is the cost of maintaining an in-house detailing group shall be no more.


A great many expenses vanish as we take care of the inventory,  employee’s, training and more. We’ll do the Detailing, while you focus on the core of your business.

Less Liability

From Insurance Deductibles to Liability insurance, outsourcing can save a fortune.


Removing the burden of liability alone can save your dealership thousands of dollars!

Enhanced Services

You’ll be adding more services! Not only will you have Basic Prep & Detailing Services, you will also have Enhanced Services such as:


 Headlight Restoration, Paint Protection, Polish, Wax and more.

We also offer lot washes and showroom touch ups to keep your inventory looking its best at all times.


"PERFECT CAR is a company that is passionate for Quality, Innovation and Perfection.

Our goal is not only to  provide extraordinary services, but to also maintain a seamless relationship with our Dealership partners. We strive to work with our clients to satisfy

all of their needs."



Ensure to provide the highest quality, and meet all cleaning and maintenance needs of each car brought to us to receive our professional services.

Be environmentally friendly with chemicals that are ecological and safe for employees and customers.

Strive to meet the needs of our clients in an honest and respectful manner with the best of our abilities.

Grow together with our client, and constantly adapt to their ever-changing needs.

Maintain a base of professional standards for all employees working with our clients.


Are you ready for the PERFECT CAR experience?

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